Dementia associated with playing rugby

A link between earlier onset dementia and playing rugby continues to be established with a brain accidents professional.

High impact sports for example American football, ice hockey and rugby are starting to steer to problems later on usually associated with previous boxers, Dr Willie Stewart said.

In an interview of LABELLISÉ BASSE CONSOMMATION Radio Scotland the particular neurologist discussed their research of the brain with a former rugby player where he examined sections of tissue and found abnormal healthy proteins associated with mind injuries and dementia.

The previous player that took part within the study was found to get higher amount proteins than a outdated amateur boxer who has dementia pugilistica, also referred to as punch drunk symptoms.

Signs and symptoms usually appear close to 15 years after the boxer’s profession begins and include working memory, speech and personality problems and a insufficient dexterity.

Until recently it had been thought to only impact boxers who suffered repeated concussive accidents through blows for the mind, Dr Stewart said. The proportion of rugby players affected is likely to be less than other high-impact sports exactly where concussion is usual, but it remains a concern.

Talking on BBC Radio Scotland’s Sport Country programme, Dr Stewart said: “What we are going to find with individuals who’ve survived head injuries is that their brain shows changes throughout the microscope which look very much like what you would notice in people along with dementia, therefore similar abnormalities in individuals along with Alzheimer’s Disease.

“Now, we have known that within boxing for example repeatedly hurting your brain can read to some symptoms, punch drunk syndrome, and you may think about what that is.

“The pathology of that is better classified since dementia pugilistica and we type of assumed it was only kickboxing related and also you needed to be subjected to a lot of concussive accidents. But you may be wondering what we’re viewing here as well as in America is that it’s taking place in other sports activities where athletes experience mind injury in high levels. Those sports include American football, glaciers hockey and today I’ve observed a case within a person whose exposure was rugby.

“The harm is a number of points, we see an accumulation of a protein within the brain which normally appears within Alzheimer’s situations, it builds up in nerve cells and it is linked to the brain not working correctly, so leads to memory problems and personality problems. ”